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Agricultural chemistry is the study of chemistry involved in agricultural production, the processing of raw products into foods and beverages, and in environmental monitoring and remediation. These studies emphasize the relationships between plants, animals and microorganisms and their environment. It is the science of chemical compositions and changes involved in the production, protection, and use of crops, fisheries and livestock.


  • Goals of Agricultural Chemistry
  • Study of the causes and effects of chemical and biochemical reactions related to plant and animal growth.
  • Development of chemical materials for the production of food, feed, fiber, pesticides, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, and animal feed supplements.
  • Nutritional supplements and medicinal compounds for the prevention or control of insects and diseases.


  • Vision of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry
  • The vision is to achieve the excellence in higher education, advanced research and skilled human resources in the field of agricultural chemistry to meet the national and global needs.


  • Mission of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry
  • To foster sustainable enhancement of food security and safety to meet/overcome national and global challenges of present and future agricultural, industrial and environmental needs.
  • To provide excellent classroom teaching integrated with relevant research and practical facilities that will generate innovative, knowledgeable and globally competitive agricultural chemists. To conduct recognized, relevant, applied and need based innovative research that has both local and global impact.


  • Fields of Agricultural Chemistry
  • Fertilizer Chemistry
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Pesticide Chemistry
  • Water Science
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Agro-industrial Crops
  • Nuclear Chemistry & Tracer Techniques
  • Bioenergy
  • Green Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Plant Products
  • Phyto-ecological Chemistry


Department Head

Dr. Md. Shohidul  Alam
Dr. Md. Shohidul Alam
Contact No : 01711450731
Email :


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